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A websites position or 'ranking' on search engines is the result of a mathematical formula measuring how well it stands up to specific performance metrics and best practices. Some of the most heavily weighted metrics are: page speed, mobile usability/optimization, accessibility features, and a backend that communicates relevant parts of webpages to "robo web crawlers." Our websites perform exceptionally well on Google, because they're designed for Google. Read more about our SEO Services.

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Responsive Design

In 2020, 68% of all global web traffic originated from mobile devices. With this number steadily increasing year over year, mobile friendly sites are now a necessity. The top search enginges agree, giving precedence to those websites which provide seamless mobile experiences. Snappy excels in this category - our websites intelligently and automatically load smaller images and resources when viewed on smaller devices - saving bandwidth, and increasing performance. Read more about our Web Design Services.

Near-instant page loads

Our websites leverage the latest and greatest technology, which loads critical parts of the page, and not a second sooner than the user needs it. We further optimize our websites by using intelligent tools that compress resources without risk of diminished quality or functionality. All of this results in a lightweight package with incredibly fast load times. When navigating from page to page, everything just feels...there. Avoid frustration from slow websites, get Snappy. Read more about our Web Development Services.

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Gain better insights into who your prospective users/customers are, and how they engage with your website. View and analyze behavioral trends and traffic funnels. With Snappy, you have greater access to relevant data that can provide you with fruitful insights.

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