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Whitmore Lake, Michigan

Whitmore Lake is a census-designated place and unregistered community in the state of Michigan. It spans the borders of Green Oak Township in Livingston County and Northfield Township in Washtenaw County. At the 2010 census, the population was 6,423. The United States Census Bureau defines a Census-Designed Place (CDP) as a designation for statistical purposes, but without the legal status of a registered municipality. Whitmore Lake is about 14 miles north of Ann Arbor and 14 miles south of Brighton.

Located on the shores of Whitmore Lake, it also includes the area surrounding the smaller Horseshoe Lake in the south, Lawton Lake to the east and Monahan Lake in the northeast. US Highway 23 forms the western edge of much of the city. The Whitmore Lakes post office (postcode 48189) serves a large area that defines the city, including parts of southeastern Hamburg Township, northeastern Webster Township, and large parts of Green Oak and Northfield Township, all of which belong to the city. The 270 sq km town was named in 1825 after surveyor Jonathan F. Stratton and local landowner Luke H. Whitmore.

The inhabitants of the areas have often considered incorporation, but have not yet decided to do so, although some may do so again.

According to the United States Census Bureau, CDP has a total area of 13.7 km2, of which 10.9 km2 are land and 2.8 km2 are water. Also known as 8 Mile Road, which forms the border between the city of Detroit and its northern suburbs of Oakland and Macomb County, ends at Whitmore Lake, 5 miles (6 miles) and 7 miles (9 miles) from the road. At the 2000 census, 6,574 people, 2,663 households and 1,741 families lived in the area. The population density was 1,585.5 per square mile, or 5,822.2 per km2. There were 2,960 residential units with an average density of 6,792 per square mile (2,621 / km2).

There were 2,663 households, of which 327 had children under the age of 18, 517 were married couples living together, 94% had a housekeeper without a husband and 346 were non-family. The average household size was 2.42 and the average family size was 3.94. In the CDP, the population was distributed: 24.5% between 18 and 77 years old, 18 to 24 years old, 39.2% between 25 and 44 years old, 20.9% between 45 and 64 years old and 7.7% who were 65 years or older. The CDP breed consisted of 96.05% whites, 0.93% African-Americans, 0.46% Indians, -0.47% Asians, + 0.12% Pacific Islanders, -1.23% other races, and 1.75% of two or more races. Hispanics or Latinos of any race made up 1.46% of the population.

The median age was 34. For every 100 women and 102.6 men, there were 100 women. There are 100 women under 18 and 98.7 men.

The median income of a CDP household was $51,504 and the median income of a family was $63,113. Men had a median income of $42,174 compared to $28,865 for women. Per capita income was $26,066. Some 35% of families and 52% of the population lived below the poverty line, including 58% of those under 18 and 22% of those over 65.

4th of July parade Each year Whitmore Lake hosts a weekend-long celebration for Independence Day. In 2011 it marked its 52nd year with the theme "Ignite the Spirit of America". Typical events include a fireworks display over the lake, a boat parade, a ski show performed by the Whitmore Lake Water Ski Club, a running / swimming race, and many other events.

The Whitmore Lake Harvest Festival is a two-day event that occurs annually at the end of September, and was first established in 2007. The primary function of the 2009 Harvest Festival was to adopt a pet or donate money towards that cause.

The Michigan Pond Hockey Classic is an annual adult pond hockey tournament held on Whitmore Lake. Established in 2008, the event raises funds for families and schools to support youth participation in athletics.

The community is served by Whitmore Lake Public Schools. The Whitmore Lake High School Trojans are members of the Tri-County Conference.

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