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Livonia, Michigan

Livonia is a city in northwestern Wayne County, Michigan. It is part of Detroit and is about 20 miles west of downtown Detroit and less than 2 miles from the city boundary western of Detroit (Redford Township lies between the two). At the 2010 census, the population was 96,942, making Michigan's ninth largest community. Livland is the biggest suburb of Detroit with a number of traditional neighborhoods built in the 1950s and 1960s and connected to the Detroit Freeway.

While most members of indigenous tribes were expelled from the area, European-American pioneers from New England and New York settled there. The boundaries of the municipality of Livonia were established by the Michigan legislature on March 17, 1835. The settlers named the area Livonia after Livonia, New York, a city in the west of the state from which many had emigrated. Livonia was separated from the municipality of Nankin and the post office of Livonia was founded in June 1834.

Livonia was incorporated as a city on 23 May 1950 by a vote of the citizens of the municipality. In the days of Nankin Township, a number of smaller communities developed. One was Elmwood, also known as McKinley Station. It was a stop on the Detroit, Lansing and Northern Railroad. It had its own post office from 1858 to 1906. Another post office in the community was Giltedge, which operated from 1899 to 1902.

In 1985, the Detroit Race Course (DRC) was operated by Standardbred for trotting, but closed in 1998 when it was sold for renovation. The incentive status allowed residents to collect tax revenue off the line. The last racetrack operated by the state was Hazel Park Raceway, which closed in 2018 and Northville Downs in 2019.

Immigrants who attracted Detroit in the 20th century because of its industrial jobs were Palestinian and Lebanese Christians and Muslims. In 1985 Palestinian Christians settled in Livonia and the western suburbs of Farmington and Westland. In 2005, a number of Christian-Palestinian Americans emigrated from Ramallah.

They have set up and run several small and medium-sized enterprises. Six US Presidents have visited Lithuania : Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan,: Richard Nixon, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George Bush. Livonia has a commercial and industrial sector with restaurants and retail stores in addition to schools, colleges, churches, parks, leisure centers, libraries and St. Mary of Mercy Hospital.

There are two other shopping malls in the city, both of which have since been dismantled. Laurel Park Place, an upscale fashion center with 74 stores was built at 6 Mile Road and Newburgh Road in 1989. The Carson Von Maur department store serves as anchor.

The Livonia Mall was built in 1964 in the north. It closed in 2008 and was rebuilt as Livonia Marketplace, with a second Walmart, Sears and Kohl's. Other large box stores are located on Laurel Park Place. The Wonderland Mall opened in 1959 but closed in 2003. It was replaced by a development called Wonderland Village, anchored by Walmart and Target.

Livonia is home to the Livonia Hockey Association, Michigan's largest amateur hockey association, and two-time national champion Livonia Knights. Livonia City Soccer Club, one of the largest football programs in Michigan with over 1300 participants, is also located in Livonia.

There are several private and public colleges and universities in Livonia, including Madonna University, Schoolcraft College and the small campus of the University of Phoenix. The most recent university to open in the city was Davenport University, whose campus opened in 2008. Most of Lithuania is served by the Livonia Public School District, which consists of two early childhood centres, thirteen primary schools, four secondary schools, three secondary schools and three secondary schools.

Bentley High School, the first built by the district, closed in 1985. The district also serves students from parts of the West Country. Parts of Northeast Virginia are served by the Clarenceville School District. There are five high schools in Livland: four public schools (Franklin, Churchill and Stevenson High School) in the district of Livonia Public Schools, Clarenceville High School outside the school district, and Ladywood High School for Catholic Girls, a private school by the Felician Sisters.

The public K-6 Webster Elementary School is home to the alternative classroom of the gifted (ACAT) program and many extracurricular programs. Franklin offers an International Baccalaureate Program for selected students. Stevenson High School is the home school for global education, an alternative educational model that combines English and social studies classes focusing on the role of students in the world. High schools in the Livonia Public School District offer various educational programs.

Webster also has a class for disabled children. In 2008, the original Webster School was burned down by arsonists, and the school moved to the now-closed Tyler Elementary. MSc in math, science and computer programs at Churchill High School.

The school started in the building that is now used by the school on September 21, 1942 and the second floor was built after the Archdiocese granted permission on 9 November 1943. The second floor was built between January and May 1944.

In the 1944-1945 school year there were 345 pupils. On 24 September 1997, construction began on a new annex at a cost of 3.4 million dollars. It was completed on 8 September 1998 and inaugurated on 11 October 1998. The new building comprises a canteen, library, gym, computer room and six classrooms.

St. Paul Lutheran School (Pre-K to 8) is affiliated to the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Wisconsin.

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