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West Bloomfield, Michigan

West Bloomfield Township is a charter community of West Bloomfield Charter Township, Oakland County, Michigan, in the Detroit area. West Bloomfields is one of the most expensive places to live in Oakland County.

At the 2010 census, the municipality had 64,690 inhabitants. Westacre is an unregistered community in West Bloomfield Township, between Keith and Commerce Road. The township is often referred to by its inhabitants as the "Lake Township" of Oakland County, as it is dotted with small to medium-sized lakes.

Around the larger lakes there are several smaller lakes. Cass Lake, the county's largest lake, is part of West Bloomfield. Pine Lake, which has a private Country Club on its shores, is just a few miles from Cass Lake and is west of Bloomfield. Next to Cass Lake is Orchard Lake, a small lake with a private country club on its banks. The lake is surrounded by the town of Orchard Lakes Village. The Orchard Sees Road runs through the middle of the county from the north to the south and is the main artery of commerce of West Bloomfields, West Maple Road (15 miles Rd.

There are many high-end boutiques and expensive restaurants to visit in West Bloomfield, which has a population of about 10,000. The townships are located in southern Oakland County, about 20 km northwest of Detroit, bordering Bloomfield Township to the east, Farmington Hills to the south, Commerce Townships to the west, and four municipalities to the north: Waterford Township, Orchard Lake Village, Keego Harbor and Sylvan Lake. According to the United States Census Bureau, the townships have a total area of 81 km2, of which 71 km2 are land and 10 km2 are water. The communities of Bloomfield Townships, Orchard Lake, Village of Keego Harbor and Sylvan Lake consist of what is known as Great West Bloomfield. Most of the population growth in Bloomfields has occurred since the 1960s, when many residents moved out of the inner ring of suburban Detroit.

School districts serving the city include West Bloomfield School District, Waterford School District (formerly Farmington Public Schools), Birmingham City Schools District, Pontiac School District, Walled Lake School District and Bloomfield Hills School District. All are Catholic schools in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit. St. William Catholic Church, which includes part of West Bloomfield, operates St. Williams Catholic School, a kindergarten to 8 school located in the Walled Lakes school district. West Bloomfields High School, Frankel Jewish Academy of Metropolitan Detroit, West Bloom Field and St. Marys Preparatory are located in Orchard Lake Village. The West Bloomsfield Township Public Library serves the city.

Since 1999, the library of the Awaji City Library in Awaji, Hyogo, Japan, has been a sister institution.

According to the 2010 census, there were 64,690 people, 24,411 households and 18,040 families living in the commune. The population density was 23,743 per square mile (9,166 / km2). There were 24,410 residential units with an average density of 8,936 per square mile (3,450 / km2).

The ethnic composition of the community was 77.6% white, 11.4% black or African-American, 0.1% Indian, 8.4% Asian, 0.02% Pacific Islands, 0.4% other races and 2.0% two or more races. Hispanics or Latinos of any race made up 1.60% of the population.

At the 2000 census, there were 64,860 people, 23,414 households and 18,192 families living in the commune. The population density was 23,743 per square mile (9,166 per km2). There were 24,410 residential units with an average density of 8,936 per square mile (3,450 / km2). The ethnic composition of the township consisted of 84.25% whites, 5.18% blacks or African Americans, 0.12% Indians, 7.81% Asians, 0.02% Pacific Islands, 0.38% other races and 2.25% of two or more races. Hispanics or Latinos of any race made up 1.40% of the population.

There were 23,414 households of which 37.0% had children under 18 years old, 69.5% were married couples living together, 5.8% had a housekeeper without husband and 22.3% were non-family households. The average household size was 2.74 and the average family size was 3.17. In the townships, 26.4% of the population were younger than 18 to 52, 18 to 24, 27.1 to 25, 4.4 to 27.9, 45 to 64 and 13.4% 65 or older.

The median age was 40. For every 100 women under 18, there were 100 women and 99.9 men. There are 100 females and 96.8 males.

According to a 2007 estimate, the median income of a township household was $98,832 and that of a family was $113,191. Men had a median income of $74,557 compared to $45,339 for women. The city's per capita income was $44,885. Some 16% of families and 27% of the population lived below the poverty line, including 30% of those under 18 and 26% of those over 65.

With a population of 65,928, West Bloomfield is the 22nd of 1,520 Michigan towns. The largest ethnic group in West Bloomfields is white at 73.6%, followed by blacks at 12.6% and Asians at 9.2%. Look at West Bloomfield versus Novi, a city of 60,514, and Taylor, with 61,379, right next to you. In 2019, the median household income in West Bloomfield was $104,368. They earned more than twice as much as households in Grand Rapids ($103,325) and Peninsula ($102,359). Some 37% of West African families live in poverty.

The median age of West Bloomfield residents is 46.3 years or younger. Of these, 42.3% are over 65 years old.

Notable people

Rucka Rucka Ali, rapper, radio personality, singer, comedian, and satirist most noted for his song parodies on YouTube Justin Bartha, actor, most notable for The Hangover Trilogy and the National Treasure series Melrose Bickerstaff, model, appeared on America's Next Top Model Meryl Davis, Olympic ice dancer who won the gold medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia Pamela Eldred, Miss America 1970 Dan Gheesling, winner of Big Brother 10 and runner-up of Big Brother 14 Joe Ginsberg , former baseball catcher for the Detroit Tigers Adam Grant, psychologist Brandon T. Jackson, actor, appears in Tropic Thunder, and Percy Jackson Kyle Mack, Olympic snowboarder, who won silver medal in Men's Big Air at Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics Dana Nessel, Attorney General of Michigan and civil rights attorney Jesse Palter, modern jazz singer Karen Clark Sheard, gospel singer

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