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Howell, Michigan

On March 24, 1836, the legislature passed a law to organize Livingston County, and the city of Howell was to become a county seat. Against this, a group from Brighton, who did not want to give up the county building they had erected twelve years later, objected. A town called Livingston Center was established as a village on March 14, 1863 by a law of the Legislature consisting of sections 35 and 36 (the southern half of sections 25 and 26) of Howell Township.

Howell is surrounded by Howell Township, and the two are managed jointly. Howell is the county seat of Livingston County, which is located within Howell Township, but independent of it. Howell Recreation and Aquaathlon is a unique multi-sport event that includes a 2K run, 750m swim and a final 2K run.

The 2K run takes place at Howell City Park and beautiful Lakeview Cemetery. Support the Howell Highlanders 12U travel baseball team with a 4-person golf tournament at Hawk Meadows Golf Course, 410 E. Marr Road, Howell, 48855, Sunday, June 12. A huge rummage sale at Shepherd Lakes Church School, Friday, June 11, and Saturday, June 12, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

The Fowlerville Alumni Association Scholarship Program is hosting an ice cream shop at the Finlan Gazebo on the Fowlervilles "grounds on Saturday, June 12, from 3 to 6 p.m. Tomorrow we celebrate Howell High School Class of 2021, just weeks before the Innovation Academy Class of 2020 graduation ceremony. As winners of the Great American Main Street Award 2018, we are proud to invite everyone to an atmosphere of broad smiles and warm welcome.

Whether it's amenities or lifestyle, if you want to do something in Livingston County, look no further. Fish for Livingston County by submitting a photo of a fish for a random raffle.

Use the satellite view to narrow down your search and save a PDF or free print version of the Howell Plan. The event is supported by the Severe Weather Network to help homeless people in Livingston County.

Free Printable PDF Map of Howell and Livingston County Feel free to download a PDF version of the map of Howell, Michigan so you can access it when traveling over the Internet. Click on the symbols on the map to see the satellite view and delve deeper into the inner workings of Howell. The satellite view can help you to navigate with accurate images of places in unfamiliar areas.

Your nearby Taco Bell may only be open during breakfast hours, but if you're out late in the evening, you can always order from the drive-through. At Car Service Ford, a team of maintenance specialists will ensure that your vehicle is primed in time for routine repairs, checkups and much more. Visit us at 2798 East Grand River Avenue, Howell, Michigan, where Bob Maxey of Ford of Howell will give you a helping hand you can rely on.

Like the vehicles we sell, customer satisfaction is our business. No matter what happens, service to your needs is our priority and we will do our best to make sure you leave with a smile. Not just that, but the warmth, style and generosity of those we serve at Howell.

Traditional Scottish heather in rough places like the bunkers on the links at Hunters Ridge is one of the most satisfying rounds of golf you'll ever play. See the progress made at Sandbar Mitchell last year as students apply their learned skills to restoration.

In 2000, the city had an average household income of $43,958, and the median family income was $57,149. The highest number of fires, 225, occurred in 2005 and at least 35 in 2010. According to our research, Michigan, like other states, has a list of 113 registered sex offenders living in Howell, Michigan, by June 12, 2021.

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