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Medford, Oregon

Medford is a city and county seat of Jackson County, Oregon, United States. As of July 1, 2019, the city has a population of 83,072 and an urban population of 217,479 making it the third largest metro in Oregon.

Medford was named by David Loring, a civil engineer and right of way officer for Oregon and California Railroad, from Medford, Massachusetts, near his hometown of Concord, Massachusetts in 1883.

Medford is 43 miles north of the Northern California border at 42.3 degrees N. It is located in the middle of a ford of Bear Creek.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city is a total area of 6,667 km2, including 6,664 km2 of land and 0.03 km2 of water. The Pacific Ocean is located about 12.1 km west of Medford, the nearest coast.

The nearest rivers are the Rogue River (13 km away) and Agate Lake (21 km away). Nearby cities include Grant Pass, Klamath Falls, Ashland, Roseburg, Redding, Calif., and Crescent City, Calif.

Medford is 369 km from Salem, the capital of Oregon. The nearest highway is I-5, which runs from northwest to southeast through the center of the city. I-84 in Portland (439 km) and I-80 in Sacramento (497 km).

Medford sits on the remains of ancient volcanic flows in the area, as shown by the upper and lower tabular formations of nearby Mount McLoughlin Crater and the remains of Mount Mazama. Medford serves as a hub for Oregon Route 99 (238 / 62) and nearby 140 (9.7 km).

In late spring and early summer, the snow melts at the slopes of Mount McLoughlin a formation called the angel wing, which Indian tribes interpret as an indicator of the start of salmon runs. A twinning program was launched in the 1960s between Medford and a couple from Alba Piedmont, Italy. The cities are 9,175 kilometres apart, and the pair relied on similarities in population, geography and climate from the 1960s.


KOBI 5.1 (NBC) KSYS 8.1 (PBS) KTVL 10.1 (CBS) KDRV 12.1 (ABC) KMCW-LP 14 (Telemundo) KMVU 26.1 (Fox) KDSO-LD 43.1 (theDove TV) KFBI-LD 48.1 (MyNetworkTV)

KTMT 580 Sports KRTA 610 La Gran D – Regional Mexican KEZX 730 Fox Sports Radio KCMX 880 News/Talk KSJK 1230 JPR/SOU Public Radio News & Information KAPL 1300 Religious KMED 1440 News/Talk

KSRG 88.3 JPR/SOU Public Radio Classical KSMF 89.1 JPR/SOU Public Radio Jazz KSOR 90.1 JPR/SOU Public Radio Classical KHRI 91.1 Air 1 Christian Rock KDOV-FM 91.7 Christian Top 40 KTMT-FM 93.7 Now 93.7 - Top 40 KRRM 94.7 Classic Country KBOY-FM 95.7 Classic Rock KROG 96.9 The Rogue - Active Rock KLDR 98.1 Top 40 KRVC 98.9 Hot 98.9 Today's Hits KRWQ 100.3 Country KCMX-FM 101.9 Lite 102 - Adult Contemporary KCNA 102.7 The Drive – Classic Hits KLDZ 103.5 Kool 103 - Classic Hits KAKT 105.1 The Wolf - New Country KYVL 106.3 Adult Album Alternative KIFS 107.5 KISS-FM Top 40

Sixty-seven Medford students applied for the trip to Italy in 2007, but only 24 were selected. Every two years, Alba and Medford alternate as exchange students. Every year in March and April, students from Medford High School visit Alba and stay with host families. Alba students visit Medford every two years.

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